Why Weigh?

Why is weighing a vessel important?

Today it is critical to know and understand your inventory down to the last unit in order to be efficient. These efficiencies can bring cost savings and a more productive work flow. Bulk inventory can sometimes be difficult to measure due to its size and difficult tank conditions, but with silo weighing systems, those issues can be eliminated.
Weight-based inventory measurement:
  • Provides a reliable and consistent indication of what is actually in the vessel, regardless of its movement or distribution.
  • There is no contact with material
  • Bulk density and other material characteristics do not impact the measurements
  • Tank conditions, like rat holes, cascading material or bridging, do not affect the measurement

What if I Can’t Weigh My Vessel?

If it is not possible to weigh your vessel due to budget or structural constraints, there are still other options available.
  • An ultrasonic level indicator can be used to determine the amount of material that is still non-contact and can provide similar levels of accuracy. The KM ultrawave Ultrasonic System may be an option.
  • Contact our Application Specialists to assist with your specific application.
  • A point or continuous level measurement device by our sister company, Bindicator, may also fit your application.