About Us

Who We Are

Kistler-Morse® designs and manufactures total weighing systems for bulk and in-process applications.

  • Sensors: Our weighing sensors have the ability to turn vessels into scales and are ideal for conditions ranging from sanitary to rugged  outdoor environments. Kistler-Morse’s offering includes bolt-on sensors, load stands and load cells.
  • Controllers: Kistler-Morse® offers single and multi-vessel weighing controllers so that our customers can monitor and provide stable and accurate readings.
  • Inventory Management Solutions: Our dry-bulk inventory management solutions can gather and transmit real-time inventory data via the Internet in order to provide our customers with a reliable means of material monitoring and management.

Our products can be found at work throughout the food, aggregate, plastics, power, chemical and biotech industries, in virtually every type of vessel. Kistler-Morse® products are built tough to withstand the most rugged applications while providing companies with the accuracy they need.

How We Got Here

Kistler-Morse® was established in 1974 by Walter P. Kistler and Charles H. Morse in Bellevue, Washington. Mr. Kistler designed a quartz pressure gage, which would come to be known as the Microcell® Bolt-On Sensor. Due to its dedication to research and development, Kistler-Morse® has engineered some of the industry’s most influential weighing solutions. In 1997, Kistler-Morse® was purchased by Danaher Corporation and moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina shortly after. Today, Kistler-Morse is a Venture Measurement brand and subsidiary of Fortive Corporation.

Our Promise

Kistler-Morse® is committed to providing superior service and support to all of our customers. Application engineers are available for pre-purchase consultations and installation advice. Kistler-Morse® has a global distribution channel with trained representatives in more than 40 countries worldwide. Kistler-Morse® is dedicated to developing tailored solutions that meet today’s requirements and incorporate the flexibility needed to address the needs of tomorrow.