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Weight Indicators

KM indicators complete the sensing systems. With KM indicators you can monitor from 1 to 120 vessels of level, weight or a combination thereof. The SVS™, STX™ and Weight II™ feature operator-selectable speeds and resolutions. The MVS™ is designed to custom-configure your system with off-the-shelf input and output requirements, for the right system you need today, and the ability to easily expand in the future.

The STXplus™ Signal Processor is a single vessel 4-channel instrument that employs an analog to digital converter to translate input from strain gauge sensors, load cells into weight indication.

The STXplus™ can simultaneously output a current output and a serial output.

This processor can also receive analog signals from either half-bridge sensors, load cells or full-bridge sensors, load cells. Also provides stable and accurate weight readings by reducing the impact of dynamic conditions in a plant environment, for instance vibrations or sudden changes, with Sentry™ DSP Filter.


Specifications At A Glance...
Applications: Industrial Weighing
Expandability: 1 Vessel
Excitation: Programmable
Resolution: 16 - 23 bit, selectable
Signal Processing: Sentry™ DSP Filter
Interfaces: 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA, Serial, EtherNet, Profibus, DeviceNet
Display: None
Housing Options: Fiberglass or Stainless Steel
Environmental Rating: NEMA 4X (IP66) with optional enclosure
Mounting Options: Wall, Panel or PCB card
Approvals: CE, FM
Suitable Sensors: L-Cell, Microcell, Load Stand II, Load Disc II, LD360s, LD3xi, LD3xiC

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