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Remote Monitoring

Provides a reliable means of gathering and transmitting real-time inventory information from anywhere, anytime via your LAN or the Internet. Also makes it possible for suppliers to manage their customers inventories more effectively than ever before. The result is a fully functional remote Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) process by which a supplier keeps track of a customer's inventory, scheduling deliveries according to known thresholds and reducing the high cost of data collection, personnel and equipment, measurement errors, and overstocking for both supplier and customer. Suppliers make fewer delivery runs and eliminate wasteful haul-backs or split-loads, while customers minimize inventory, reduce lead-time, and eliminate run-outs.

Eliminate the Need for Hard-Wired Connections
InvisiLink is a wireless radio solution for devices that communicate via RS-485 or RS-422. A radio is connected to both the measuring device, like a Yo-Yo or controller, and the receiving device, like an ORB. Then the InvisiLink radio sends data back and forth between the devices. This system eliminates the need for cables and conduit connecting a measuring device to a device collecting data. It is also possible to have a single device receive multiple data streams from 'send' devices.

Specifications At A Glance...
•Distances up to 3,000 ft (914 m)
•RS-485 or RS-422 Connection Capabilities
•NEMA 4X Enclosure
•Standard and Extended Range Antenna Options
•LED Indicator Lights
Communication RS-485, RS-422
Frequency 900 Mhz
120 VAC +/- 10%; 60Hz
Power Supply 30 watt
Ambient temperature (Electronics) -40º to 185º F (-40º to +85º C)
Transmission Speed (Baud Rate) RS-485: 115.2k
RS-422: 9600
Trasmit Power 1 mW to 1 W
Transmission Distance 3,000 ft (914 m)
Housing Material NEMA 4X, Fiberglass
Up to 40 miles (64 km), NEMA 4X
Extended Range Antenna Outdoor includes lightening arrestor**
Visual Indicators LED Lights (Power, Communication and Signal)
*Distances may be reduced depending on environment. Maximum distance determined
in indoor/urban environment with direct line of sight, no obstacles.
**Consult Factory for extended range distances.
Product Compatibility
Product RS-485 ProtocolRS-422 Protocol
Bindicator 3D Level Scanner x 
Bindicator Mark-4/GP-4 YoYo x 
Bindicator ORB Remote Inventory  x
Bindicator ORB 4-20mA Input Box  x
Bindicator SonoTracker  x
Kistler-Morse ORB Remote Inventory  x
Kistler-Morse ORB 4-20mA Input Box  x
Kistler-Morse Ultrawave  x
Kistler-Morse MVS  x
Kistler-Morse STXPlus  x
Kistler-Morse SVS2000  x
Kistler-Morse Weigh II  x
Niagara Meters 5600  x
Note: RS-485 Communication will be programmed at a baud rate of 115200; RS-422 Commuication will be programmed at a baud rate of 9600.

Documentation Download
InvisiLink™ Wireless Radio Technical Specifications
InvisiLink™ Wireless Radio Installation & Operation Manual




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